At Maurice Ward we operate moulding machines from 60 tons to 1750 tons (see here for data sheet). So we can provide a wide range of moulding capability.  However we are also always open to new opportunities, so if there is a particular manufacturing or moulding requirement that we do not have the specific equipment necessary – we are very open to exploring adding to our portfolio of equipment.

Maurice Ward s.r.o. has grown organically and is in a position to follow opportunities as they occur. We do not have to go through layers of decision making to decide if a project is worth investing in, decisions will be made quickly and efficiently. We are very well positioned to react swiftly to your needs while you still have the opportunity.

Our core activity within the Manufacturing Division of Maurice Ward & Co s.r.o. is injection moulding and finishing of plastic parts. However we also do, or have done in the past, services such as laser marking of electronic items, high volume electronic assembly, electronic rework, mechanical part rework, cable manufacture, high volume tampo printing and many others.

We are an efficient, low overhead company and we can afford to be price competitive on most operations.  
We are flexible on location, we have experience of opening satellite operations to support specific client companies – if you have a special requirement please contact us to discuss.